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Explore Trees Inside and Out at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

leaf-slide-smallThe Children’s Museum of Atlanta is featuring a new exhibit presented by Doubletree Hotels and the Arbor Foundation called “Exploring Trees Inside and Out”. From now through September 13th your kids can discover new and exciting facts about trees while stimulating their senses at the various tree inspired stations and play areas.

Every facet of the exhibit is bursting with information about trees, their off shoots and things that accompany them in nature.

Kids will be able to:

·         Crawl through a log and experience it as a habitat for other living things

·         Help a seed “grow” into a young oak inside a huge acorn

·         Explore the “heart” of a tree trunk and move the “blood” of the tree up and down its “veins”

·         Smell scents from various trees, then discover just a few of the many products we get from trees

·         Hear the sounds of animals that live in trees, and even become a forest creature in a “green screen” experience that allows children to fly like a bird and soar over the treetops

82065907GMD001GM001_Bruce_Willis_BandI took my 2 year old daughter to “Exploring Trees Inside and Out”. As soon as we entered, she fixed her gaze on the large tree positioned at the center of the exhibit. She climbed up hurriedly then journeyed down a small slide into a bed of picturesque fall leaves. As we proceeded to the other exhibit attractions, I read to her the fun tree facts posted along the way about Maple, Pine, Apple and Red Cedar trees.


The nest with enormous baby blue colored eggs was a hit with my daughter and I believe kids of all ages will enjoy pretending they are mother birds building a protective home of twigs and branches.


“Exploring Trees Inside and Out” is full of activities to stir the imagination and I was impressed by the details such as:


  • Benches fashioned like pinecones and acorns at the activity stations
  • Larger than life bugs on the walls (look up or you may miss them!)
  • Fan like leaves on the large tree which adds a unique twist to traditional synthetic leaves
  • Interesting tidbits on the elongated roots of the giant tree

We had a great time and since entry to “Exploring Trees Inside and Out” is included with admission to the museum, we plan on visiting the exhibit again on a Target Free Second Tuesday.


For more information about the everyday importance of trees and the “Exploring Trees Inside and Out” Traveling exhibit, please visit www.doubletree.com/thinktrees.





Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta

275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW.



The Museum is closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Monday through Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.



$12.50 plus tax for adults and children ages 2 and above; children under 2 are free. 



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